Charitable Events

Charitable Events


NCSG Member and Executive Committee Member Brian Parker will be taking part in a 275 mile group charity bike ride from London to Paris in July to raise money for Action Research Medical - this will be the furthest he has ever cycled over 4 days and it will be challenging at times. Please see letter below.

A bit about Action Research Medical:


  • Action Research Medical have been funding medical breakthroughs since 1952, and we have all undoubtedly benefitted from the work they have done e.g. they created the first polio vaccines in the UKultrasound in pregnancy and the rubella vaccine to name but a few and as ever the research and work continues…..the work Action has done has certainly helped families and saved thousands of children’s lives and changed many more.
  • Surprisingly medical research to help children is poorly funded in the UK. Action Medical Research has a critical job to do in helping fill this gap to protect children.

I really do appreciate you taking the time to read my email and if you could spare any money, no matter how much to help such a worthwhile cause that would be greatly appreciated, it will spur me on during the ride. My ‘just giving’ page is: 

Finally I promise there won’t be too many photos of me clad in lycra! and if you’re not able to donate no problem, but please feel free to pass on the letter to colleagues, friends or family which has the link to my ‘just giving’ page contained within it.

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